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About Sphere

Adding confidence to instincts

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We are Sphere

"When we set out to create Sphere, we knew we would optimise the firm to enable us to delight our clients with user experience and our promise to be responsive and agile to their needs. We take great pride in collaborating with the market to deliver features and enhancements in record times."

Ami Katschinski
(co-founder) CEO

‘Intentionally exceptional’

That describes everything we do. We know you’re busy and that trading environments are incredibly stressful. So we only offer technology that makes an immediate and tangible difference to your day.

‘Simply better’

Drawing on our experiences of walking in your shoes, we’re taking on traditional global trading platforms and showing that there is another way to deal with data overload… A simpler, better way.

Making ‘magic’ happen

We’re on a mission to make ‘magic’ happen – and become the go-to platform for voice OTC trading. And we’re pretty confident you’ll love our blend of innovative thinking and clever technical capabilities.

Meet the team

Ami Katschinski

(co-founder) CEO
20+ years in executive leadership, product and engineering roles at Citrix, Trayport and Red Deer.

Heather Balfour Ortega

(co-founder) CRO
15+ years in commercial leadership roles across capital markets and FinTech at RTS, Trayport and the Boston Options Exchange.

Chris Hewett

Head of Client Services
15+ years in leadership roles across client services, sales and customer success in the commodities technology sector.