Voice markets reimagined

Where voice markets
and electronic trading
come together
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Unparalleled market views you can act on

Sphere merges actionable electronic data with live voice and IM prices from your brokers in one holistic app

Win more
Make better trading decisions based on Sphere’s uniquely curated view of the market

Take control
Send and receive prices directly or chat with your brokers straight from the Sphere app

Widen your horizons
Sphere’s real-time views across multiple markets help traders stay informed like never before

One-of-a-kind insight
Save, record, and transcribe voice and IM activity, giving trading firms a completely new level of insight, analytics, and compliance

About us

Founded and led by a team of seasoned market professionals and technology experts, our objective is singular and clear – help traders operating in hybrid and complex markets gain a competitive edge, and above all Win More.

In February 2021, Sphere launched its unique AI-powered application, blending voice and electronic markets in one app – an industry first.

We are dedicated to building the best possible tools for improving traders’ performance, now rolling out to the refined oil and energy markets…

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