Your AI trading assistant

Sphere Liquidity Lake provides all actionable liquidity on one screen; boosted by AI insights and quantitative analytics to complement even the best traders.

Dive in. Let your instincts flow

It’s your world, your way – but with more choice and more control.

Imagine the best of both worlds… All the ease and opportunity of screen trading with the speed and convenience of the voice and IM market.

Sphere enables you to see everything you need on a single screen – with voice, instant messaging, and live trading intelligently integrated, curated and organised for you.

Get at-a-glance access to all the information you need, aligned with how you like to work.

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Trade with confidence and control

We bring together all liquidity streams and all your brokers, into a single virtual marketplace.

Providing instantaneous distribution, we make it quick and easy to post and deal prices by integrating voice and electronic liquidity. Sphere now gives you superior optionality whenever, wherever. 

Your instincts, enhanced

Boost your trading to beat the status quo by taking full advantage of the richest available market data.

Support your instinctive decision-making with unique analysis powered by Sphere’s patented technology.

See through the noise

By bringing together all liquidity, Sphere helps even the best traders track the action like never before. 

Your broker’s voice shout-downs and instant messages are translated into real-time, structured data to help your teams track all liquidity across locations and products, unifying trading desks as the world turns.

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By bringing together all liquidity, Sphere helps even the best traders track the action like never before. Receive price signals faster and more efficiently. See prices from Voice brokers and Instant messages visualised and curated clearly and voice data are translated in real-time to structured data to bring voice and electronic markets together

For every trader & broker

To thrive, even the best traders need liquid markets with quick and easy accessibility to pricing and for distributing their bids/offers.

Edge Seekers

+ See more, win more + Take control of your prices + Track adjacent markets all on one screen


+ Reach more clients than ever before + Your prices, front and centre + Automate painful, manual tasks + Designed for brokers to grow liquidity

LPG & Naphtha Traders

+ Don't miss out on live tradeable liquidity + Trade anonymously with favourite brokers + Trade your way with voice or electronically

Value Seekers

+ Distinguish the signals from the noise + Share all market views across your teams + Stay informed whenever, wherever

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Sphere Launches Liquidity Lake

Sphere, the fintech uniting voice and digital trading together on one community platform, today announced the world’s first Liquidity Lake at the Asia Pacific Petroleum Conference (APPEC) in Singapore. … Read More

Game-changing benefits

Take full advantage of powerful functionality and inherent benefits that effortlessly transform your trading horizon.

Your technology

Curate your unique view of the market, integrating intelligently visualised voice, IM and live trading into an intuitive, single-screen layout.

Your markets

Quickly get up to speed with data across multiple market sources and comms channels – to post prices and execute trades in an effective, more profitable way.


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