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Watch how our patented technology helps our clients trade and see through the noise.

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What is Sphere?

"I love being able to trade prices on Sphere and have IM and voice all in one place too. It's intuitive to use and totally unique. I'm on it all the time now!"

Senior Naphtha Trader, National Oil Company

See through the noise

Take advantage of our patented AI bringing you clear pricing data extracted from your broker shout-downs and IM messages on a single screen with futures data and live brokered trading, on your desktop and mobile.

Never miss information from adjacent markets! Global cross-desk sharing within your firm means you’ll always have a complete view, whenever, wherever.

Transform your trading

Discover a new world of screen trading, accessing our unique on-screen brokered liquidity, and taking advantage of the option to post prices anonymously. Join our rapidly growing community of brokers and traders.

Client-centric by design

We’ve already delivered dozens of on-demand enhancements to our clients at record speed. Our team are always on hand to help you build your trading tools – your way!

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