Sphere sits down with Oil & Gas News to talk about delivering confidence through technology

Sphere CEO, Ami Katschinski, recently sat down with Oil & Gas News (OGN) to talk about how Sphere is delivering confidence to traders by leveraging technology even in volatile and unpredictable times.

The Sphere Liquidity Lake captures data from all available liquidity and data pools offering one unified view of the market where all liquidity is discovered, analysed and traded easily and reliably.

Success in oil trading requires getting a trifecta of challenges right, simultaneously, with each being difficult to perfect on its own, let alone all at once.

• The availability of external high-quality market information.

• The quality of trader analysis, which drives instinctive and informed decision making.

• The ability to commit capital quickly, precisely and confidently.

Until now, voice and electronic liquidity pools were isolated from each other, denying traders a clear overview of their markets.

Today, Sphere’s Liquidity Lake has emerged as a platform enabling traders to fluidly and seamlessly traverse across traditional voice trading and electronic workflows.

For Liquidity Lake users, the world is now one big actionable pool of liquidity for them to dive into. 

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